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Our Nourishment Flower

We seek to assist a wide range of recipients.  The thread binding our mission is not a specific recipient demographic but rather the purpose of the garden.  We seek to assist programs and individuals who are gardening or want to start gardening as a tool for whole person nourishment (body, mind, and spirit). Thus, we have a two-step criteria approach. Step 1 is identifying a basic recipient pool.  Step 2 is evaluating a program for nourishment petals: the aims of specific garden program aspects. For example, a garden could provide food access.  It could provide plant education or meditation programs.  We are looking for proposals that have at least one aspect targeted each to the body, mind, and spirit.

Recipient Targets

As noted above, we are not looking for a specific type of recipient. In fact, we aim to have very different recipient groups and individuals.  The only base recipient requirement is that there is a special need.

Program Elements

When looking at potential garden projects, we are interested in ten nourishment areas. We don't expect a project to have all of these aspects; we use the nourishment petals as a guide to think more expansively about projects and programs.  


The Passion Flower

The passion flower (the flower in the image above and on our home page) is an amazing plant that embodies much of our approach.  It is a food, a medicine, and an amazingly beautiful, intricate, work of art.  It can spark the imagination, inspire, generate curiosity and wonder, and be a point of meditation and reflection.

Apply For A Garden

To find out more about what we offer and how to qualify, please complete the form and we will send an application.

Thanks for submitting!

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