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About Us

We believe in the healing power of nature and seek to assist others in providing garden spaces for this purpose. To this end we assist organizations and individuals in establishing, maintaining, or expanding garden spaces to be used for the nourishment of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit).  Nourishment often is used to reference the impact of food on our body.  While this may be a necessary aspect of nourishment, we believe that body nourishment needs to be combined with nourishment of the mind and spirit to be effective--we cannot thrive if our inner needs are only partially met.  We seek to assist organizations and individuals who create natural spaces with this broader view.

What We Do

We assist recipients in a couple of ways:

  • donating plants and other garden components to organizations and individuals; and

  • offering program ideas and facilitation to assist gardens in achieving a multi-dimensional, whole person focus. 


We have a special interest in bringing nature to where people live or in providing individual spaces in community settings.


Our Motivation

So much today is fast, virtual, and hyper-focused on "connecting."  And yet, there seems to be something missing, some lack of meaningful connection, a losing of our bearings. 


Gardens are more than flowers, more than vegetables, more than pollination helpers.  They are places where people cannot only come together, but also places of wonder where they can be inspired, reconnect (or connect) with themselves, and find grounding.  We seek to share this wonder by spreading plant kindness and inspiration in a way that allows us and others to feel nourished, grounded connection, and joy.

A Note About Social Media

While there are some good aspects to social media, social media is counter to our mission and what we aim to do.  We seek to assist with the actual interaction with nature, including for the purpose of personal grounding, self-reflection, and healing.  Social media encourages virtual, surface, and judgmental engagement.  For this reason, we have made the decision to not use social media or enable "like" buttons or comments.  If you like what we are doing, we welcome actual support of our mission, including simply being inspired to go out and engage with nature (or engage in a new or deeper way). 

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