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Our Project

We give gardens! Some large, some mini, some traditional, some wild, and many sizes in between!  We have 4 primary ways that we help support garden creation, maintenance, or expansion:

  • Garden Starters: the donation of larger quantities of plants in flats;

  • Mini-Plots: the donation of a very small amount of plants to be used by individuals in either community, work, or residential settings;

  • Raised Bed Gardens (RBGs): the donation of a complete raised starter garden; and

  • Mini-Meadows: the donation of a complete meadow garden. 


As a compliment to the plantings, we are available to assist recipients design garden programs to provide a wholistic nourishment experience.  

If you have questions about the different offerings, please send us an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Sponsor a Garden

One way to support our mission is to donate one of the above garden options.  Because of the structure of our offerings this can be anything from one 6-pk of plants to an RBG.

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